GREASE – A SVP Production


SVP presents a school production of the musical Grease.

Grease, is a story about two teenagers who fell in love during summer break. When wholesome good girl Sandy and greaser renegade Danny fall in love over the summer, they never expect to see each other again. But when they both discover that they’re now attending the same high school, social differences challenge their romance.

Starting as a student council activity in the beginning of this school year, SVP’s new production GREASE is set to premiere this June. Featuring our very own high school students in a dynamic, exciting cast, the musical is undergoing extensive work on the production. Join us for a musical experience you’ll always remember.



Dearest readers,

The past months marked Bulan Bahasa or Language Month, our celebration of Bahasa Indonesia as our mother tongue for the past century or so. To make the most out of the moment, we students of SVP have taken some time to write down thoughts on a few assigned books, all of which you may look at below.

Dee – Perahu Kertas

Tjahja Gunawan Direja – Chairul Tanjung Si Anak Singkong

Trinity – The Naked Traveller

LDKS OSIS SVP 2012-2013

On the morning of 2 November, we set out for a great adventure.

It was near midday when we arrived on a quiet villa by the rolling hills of Lido, under the care of the family of our good friend Rino Triandika. Our arrival was swiftly welcomed by the facilitating crew from Invenio Indonesia, though the hours-long trip in packed minibuses had us longing more for the warm welcome of a roasted chicken lunch.

Throughout the next couple of days we went to work, setting up the cradle that would hold all in place till the next October. Guiding us were Pak Yuni Hartanta, the head of Invenio, as well as his companions Kak Tomi, Bu Anis and Mas Jawa. Our brief stay gave us a much-needed opportunity to learn the basics of proper organisation and get to know each other better.

All said and learned, we offer all our thanks to the previous year’s OSIS and hope to give our very best this year.

The Leadership Camp Experience

It was on the 29th – 31st of September that grade 10 students had a leadership camp at Griya Dunamis. The idea of having a camp after a pretty long holiday was rather exciting, as it meant that we wouldn’t have to be dealing with school works for a week in extend and that it was a chance to have some quality times to bond with our classmates. Most of us had been talking about the camp for several days during the holiday, and all that we were hoping was for the camp to be exciting and worth the experience.

It was still early in the morning, and we were all gathered at the school lobby, preparing for the trip and making sure that nobody was left behind. It seemed clear that most of us were somewhat excited about the camp. On the bus, we were making variety of pretty loud noises; some were singing along while shuffling some tunes, chit-chatting with one another, making random noises and laughing out loud, making it difficult for some of us who were trying to sleep. It didn’t take very much time until we finally arrived at Griya Dunamis, the leadership camp destination in Puncak.

The atmosphere was really nice; the camp was looking great as well. We were gathered for the introduction and we did some icebreakers, which was enjoyable. We had our lunch and we continued to the activities in which we were introduced to the 7 habits. The 7 habits (be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first, think win-win, seek first to understand then to be understood, synergize, sharpen the saw) was the main focus that we learned during the camp. We learned about those habits on the first and the second day, it may sound boring, however it was actually quite enthusing. There were lots of games that required collaboration skills, included into the activities, making the activities more enjoyable. On the night of the second day, we had a bonfire. We ate roasted corns while seeing every one of us perform random performances in groups. It was a great night.

On the next day, we had this ‘amazing race’ activity that lasted for about half of the day. The amazing race consisted of out-bonds that were made relevant to the 7 habits we’ve learnt. It was interesting that the skills we’ve learnt in the past two days of the camp were really applied in completing each of all the games.

Overall, we had a really fun experience during the camp; the facilitators were all very friendly and easy-going. Having that camp was an opportunity to build good friendship with our classmates and also to learn to apply the seven habits in our daily life.

Mary Grace Gabriella, 10

Back to School, back to Blog

Hello everyone! To my fellow students, we finally come back to school after Lebaran holiday. I think some of you struggle to adapt to to school activities and studies after a long holiday, but don’t think that going back to school is horrible, because you can finally socialize with your schoolmates again!

By the way, because the holiday is over, we will try to be more active updating this blog. So you should visit our blog more often, because there will be new posts soon!


-Hakim,  10 Andromeda

#1. Leadership Camp and Spartacus


Just wanted to remind everyone of what we’ve got ahead as the semester break comes to an end. Neil Armstrong’s died. Syria is in the middle of a brutal civil war. Suburbs of Jakarta burn while hundreds fall victim to traffic accidents. You ladies whine whenever the wi-fi fails.

But do cheer up – Leadership Camp is coming up for those of us enjoying the blissful days of Grade 10 . A few days in a nice place to play around with new friends isn’t something that high school offers everyday, so do us all a favour and enjoy it, ‘kay? These might be stressful times, but not an excuse to collapse into a gibbering mess – that comes later. (good luck with the Personal Project, anyway)

Then we’ll have Spartacus.

Pressing on from an admittedly troubled start, what we’re expecting for this coming October should be a year highlight, like it or not. Spartacus, or – say it with me – Sports and Arts Day at Sekolah Victory Plus 2012, Part II, is presently seeking to attract a fair number of regional participants as well as other forms of supports.

A six-day venture aiming for more participation and general success than ever before will, of course, force the most out of our student body and hopefully win great things for the future. So far it’s fared exceptionally well at the former – so we’ll hope that the same will happen for the latter. Juniors, look after your seniors. Seniors, look after your wills. Life saw it fit to give us treasures to steal and monsters to hunt down, so let us all make the most out of the next month and an half.

As a final note, the chap who shared his name with the event actually led a slave rebellion. Do you read Roman history? You should. It’s cool.

Apology for mistakes and enjoy your second term of the school year. Cheers.

– Hafiz W., 11 Science